Gethen is the northern-most kingdom of Ohm and home to the dwarves.

It is in a region dominated by mountains and cold weather, the harsh climate makes the northern parts of the kingdom virtually uninhabitable, and tend to be home only to wild tribes.

It is home to the highest mountain in Ohm, Mount Oshan.

The main industries in Gethen are mining and timber. They are rich in natural resources and have become active trade partners with Saram and Damcus.

Political turmoil has always been high in Gethen, and has recently erupted in the southern city of Somme, as mining became more and more dangerous. Class struggles are constant, as well as religious ones.

The common workers, in particular miners, have had a history of conflict with the nobility, and have since chosen to nearly-universally abandon the dwarven god Moradin.

The ruling king is Doswal IV. He resides in the relatively small capital of Brye.

Major cities in Gethen include the cities of Somme, Fort Cad, and the underground metropolis of Ganai.


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