Damcus is the kingdom of the gnomes. Over 60% of its citizens are gnomes, nearly 30% being human, and the rest split nearly equally amongst all intelligent races.

It is an active economic power, second in its might only to Saram. It is home to a bustling fishing industry and is a haven for the rare visitors from other continents.

The political system is that of a council formed of various monarch leaders of ancient clans, who then hold a bi-annual election to see who will lead the council for the following term. Individual cities have elected mayors.

The current leader is Gimnish Tibri, and he has been in power for the past four election terms. He, along with the council, reside in the kingdom’s capital of Vahmas.

Damcus’ warmer climate and dock-cities have allowed it’s population to thrive unhindered, it’s only problems being occasional raids from Karhide to the south.

Other major cities include Horus and Sappho.


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